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The sin of everlasting love.


Winds and storms below
my feet as I was walking by,
among white clouds of certainty,
Ivory on my skin shining.

It didn't have an end,
but a moment of solitude;
My hair, my skin, my being
all one in the nude
exposed, before the part.

The sunny day, he wrote
about happiness and sharing;
Our lips rewriting wishes like love
as we were like a quiet night;
but we couldn't tell everything.
But no..., not everything dies.

Despite the trembling hands,
she freed her hair of all the pins,
revealed her majesty before the sun;
he, admiring her silently, recording every moment;
he, naked and invisible, there
embracing her sweetness without moving.
Calling his sins, the biggest, before the sun:
the sin of the everlasting love.


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