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"É um croquete de cão light, fáchaboreh!"

"LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is living up to its reputation as a nation of dog lovers with many owners feeding their four-legged friends healthier and tastier meals than they serve up for themselves, a survey published Wednesday said.

A study of 1,337 British dog owners found that 18 percent fed their pampered pet pooches a better diet than their own, giving them fresh dishes instead of tinned food.

Consequently 21 percent of dogs enjoyed cheese, 15 percent were given fish and 9 percent chomped on vegetables.

More than a quarter of respondents said they would eat the food they bought their dog.

However, the gourmet meals came at a price, the study for Direct Line insurance said. Pet owners pay out 2.3 billion pounds a year on their dogs' dinners and 10 percent admit their pet has got a weight problem.!"


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