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McDonald's ajuda a salvar a floresta Amazónica

McDonald's joins fight to save the Amazon

McDonald's joins fight to save the Amazon

Take your hand off the mouse. Now reach over your shoulder, and pat yourself on the back. Because you did it. The mighty McDonald's jumped when you objected to their role in Amazon destruction. After only a few months of being in the spotlight over rainforest destruction, and receiving more than 30,000 emails, McDonald's not only made a U-turn in no longer sourcing soya from the ashes of the Amazon but are also actively urging other companies to join them. This week the world saw what happens when tens of thousands of Greenpeace supporters from all over the world act together as one to protect the environment. So take a bow, smile and accept our heartfelt thanks for your efforts.

Fonte: Mailing List da Greenpeace

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And then put your hand back on the mouse, and tell Kentucky Fried Chicken that the Colonel needs to follow the clown's example. The Amazon is still under threat from soy.

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