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RIP, Sarah.

"A couple days ago sarah known as mxgurlie101 was brought into the hospital for malnutrition, heart failure, and failing kidneys. Im sorry to say she is no longer with us and dyed on july 22 2006. As she knew she knew she was dying at a weight of 60lbs she wrote a letter to me on a piece a paper she asked for. She wrote to me telling me to write emails saying goodbye to all her friends and to make an account on this exact website and go to her last post and write this. She also wrote to say goodbye exactly to v00d00cita for being there for her and helping her on her journey she really appreciates your support.

Rip sarah oct 1 1991 to july 22 2006"

P.S. - Era amiga minha. Alguns hão-de perceber a história por trás. Aos restantes, pensem. Bulimia mata.

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