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Marcha pelas baleias _ 27 de Maio



Dear friend,

On May 27th, we march for the whales!

We are in the final sprint to Anchorage, Alaska, where the IWC (International Whaling Commission) meeting will be held on May 28th. Here, once again, the future of whales will be decided.

For the past few months we've been working hard, and together with you, we've achieved many goals. Because of our campaign several countries have changed their votes from assisting Japan to protecting whales; others which weren't represented before have decided to attend. The emails we asked you to send to politicians last week are still pouring in.

All of this is encouraging, but we're taking the final step, and it is the most important one.

On May 27th, join the Global Big Blue March. Participate in the March held in your own town, or set up one yourself!

You can march to the main square or monument in your city! Is the sea or a river nearby? Swim, surf or use your kayak! It's up to you. Just make it Big, Fun and Blue! Get started today. Click here to share your plans. You can invite all of your friends, upload your videos and pictures, and get in touch with hundreds of people who want to campaign for the whales with you.

We need lots of cities and lots of people around the world. This has never been done for whales before.

We must make sure the whales are heard at the IWC Meeting in Alaska. The delegates who will decide on their future must know that thousands of people around the world want to stop the whales from being killed, and are determined to get out on the streets and defend them!

We're confident we can achieve much more, but remember, time is very short. Click here, upload your own march now!

Together, let's form an ocean, a Big Blue Ocean, defending the whales.

Kind regards,


Shane Rattenbury
Oceans campaigner

PS Invite all your friends, start uploading your videos and pictures to promote your march today! Click here and start campaigning!

PSS Do you have friends or family in another town? Tell them about the Big Blue March, and encourage them to set up their own event!

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