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How to Be Just Like Pikachu

If you love Pikachu then why not be Pikachu. He is a mouse so living his life might be a little difficult, but some of his traits are valued in people like his loyalty and wit. Step into this guide and be just like everybody's favourite little critter!


  1. When you're around little children (like Togepi) you must be mature and responsible and willing to stand up for them when they're being bullied. You should be standing up for most people whether they're your friends or not. Children need to enjoy your company and you need to enjoy theirs - providing they aren't pulling you about that is! You know right from wrong and you make that perfectly clear, even if doing so is a threat.
  2. You should enjoy your food like it's a hobbie. Nothing quite beats a juicy red apple as a snack during your day. You should be happy quietly munching away at your dinner and letting everybody else do the talking.
  3. If you know somebody who has a crush on you or just wants to be your friend but you think they're a little out of your league don't hesitate to ridicule them. Be obstinate, sarcastic and down-right rude even if they're trying their best. Once they've proved their worth give them a chance then it'll be your turn to really make your relationship special. If they still care for you at this point then they should be more than happy to take it! Pika doesn't want to be mean - this is just his way of showing you he's shy!
  4. You need to be popular around friends either because of your friendliness, humour, selflessness, loyalty, cuteness or some unique value. You just have one of those personalities. However, there may be some people who don't like you the way you are and want to change you! You must be happy being who and what you are and not seek conformity, even if Lt Surge tries to scare you into it.
  5. It's because you are cute and sweet why many people think you are a pushover and underestimate your power. You may also come across a bit dim but it's only because you don't like to brag. In reality you need to be a strong person who can be relied upon as a thinker, a leader and one who solves conflict in a group. You should just want to get things done and enjoy yourself at the same time by being with others. That's why you have to let yourself be emotional and sentimental at times when what's important to you is celebrated.
  6. Now you are just like your sparky little idol! Watch episodes of pokemon to see how he behaves in certain situations. Note is facial expressions, body language and his attitude. Charming isn't he?


  • Not everyone can be as adorable as Pikachu, so work on what raises your cutness the most like your doeful eyes or your politeness. Then you can give people a taste of your shocking personality.
  • Spend some quality time with family as Pikachu likes being around others of his kind as well as friends. Watch a movie or play a game. Pikachu loves playing games, especially outdoors.
  • Be bold and adventerous. You should like to try new things of all kinds - go to new places and meet new people as well. You should always be even happier to see old faces as well though!
  • It's optional, but when happy or worried or curious you might want to have your own phrase. People will be creeped out if you just say "Pikapi" every two minutes, but Homer says 'Doh' and Vhelma says 'Jinkies' you why don't you have your own word too. You might even find you're a bit of a trailblazer like Pikachu himself.


  • Where step 3 is concerned, it is advisable that you do not behave like this in a job interview with your potential boss or work colleage. It wont make your worklife easy if you climb up a tree every time they try to reaon with you is it?
  • Do not try to electrocute those who annoy you. We all feel like doing this at times but remember you're only being 'like' Pikachu. Throwing a toaster in your flat mate's bath because they used your toothbrush is simply not acceptable. Try taking a nap instead - Pika likes his naps.

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Yoseph disse...

Não fazia a mais pequena ideia de que o Pikachu era um rato...

Bem, de facto já foi útil! :D

weevil disse...

Tu não és um verdadeiro fã!!!!