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A list...

...of things I'd like to be alive to see, but almost certainly will not.

In no particular order:
  • The day we make first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings.
  • The day the first self-aware artificial intelligence is created.
  • The day we achieve Time-travel. (Oh come on... Who wouldn't want this?)
  • The day Teleportation becomes possible. (Again, who wouldn't want this?)
  • The day where we can build a machine that generates more energy than it consumes. (OK, this one is actually an impossibility according to our current understanding of nature but it'd be cool wouldn't it?)
  • The day Star Trek's holodeck becomes a reality.
  • The day the first human colony is established in the Moon/Mars
  • The day Man realizes that all religions were created by him and that no supreme beings exists but Man himself. (This one was actually based on a book I recently read)
Some are possible, some not so much and some we simply don't know... How cool would all of them be!

What would you put in your list?

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aldasilva disse...

I don't quite know, but the ability to travel more and the possibility of reproducing exactly what you see in a picture, maybe...