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Moody's: An open letter

Dear Moody's,

I've heard that you've recently classified my country, Portugal, as "Trash".
Despite all the controversy and the ongoing protests, I want to thank you for this wake-up call, as will now explain. Let me, first of all, invite you to visit us - yes, come to Portugal!

Join us at our table and taste some of the world's best dishes, while you get delighted with our wines. Try some of ourcod dishes - more than 1001 different ways available! - or, if you prefer meat, you can choose Francesinha (a typical dish from the Oporto region) or even pork meat from Alentejo, cooked with clams. If you're into seafood, there's plenty to choose among our squid and octopus dishes!
Don't forget the salad: choose the best and fresher vegetables, wash and cut them, serving with a pinch of salt and olive oil - the best in the world!

Want soup? That's no problem! We have a large variety of soups, including Caldo Verde (translated as Green Soup) and the Watercress soup. Is it too hot for a soup? Don't worry, we also eat Gaspacho - as our Spanish neighbours do - specially in hotter regions, as Alentejo.

Now for some dessert: pudding, maybe? There are many delicious recipes for you to try! Completely mouth-watering, I can assure you! And the well-known Pastéis de Belém, typical from Lisbon! Or the Ovos Moles: a sweet soft egg cream, which is also turned into little wires, looking like hair, to embellish cakes - or to eat like that! You can also choose the healthier away: fruit! Kiwis, oranges, pear... you name it!
And, to top this, a cup of coffee - which may be from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia or Sumatra (not neglecting any other origins!), but no one drinks it and serves it as we do.
On the house, you can choose: a glass of Port, Aguardente, Madeira's wine, Beirão liquor and Ginginha. Too good.

Now that I've convinced you to come here, take your time and enjoy the ride. Visit our regions and see the richness of our montains and valleys, of our rivers, of our shores,... from the medieval towns to the coastal villages, you won't regret it. Take pictures and post them online, get the best comments ever about them and see for yourself all the Portuguese Wonders!
Did you know that we had a Portuguese art style? It's called Manuelino, derived from our king's name - D. Manuel II.
This was a late Gothic trend from the 16th century, composed by sumptuous architectural ornamentation with maritime elements and representations of the discoveries - hymn to the voyages of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Álvares Cabral. You can appreciate it when you visit the Tower of Belém and the Jerónimos' monastery, in Lisbon, or the Christ's convent, in Tomar, for instance. Right, don't forget to take pictures!

I could give you more and more reasons for you to come here, but these should be enough for now - I don't want to bother you with a really long letter, when you can see things for yourself and enjoy them in the first person.
So, when are you going to schedule that trip?

Let me know!

All the best!

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