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Milagre!... Milagre!!!

Já que estamos numa de notícias... encontrei esta. Estivessemos em Jerusalém há uns 2000 e tal anos atrás e tinham chamado a proeza de milagre, talvez pelas mãos de um tal de homónimo meu.
Assim... talvez continue a culpar... sei lá... o Eng. Sócrates?... hmmm... acho que sim, é sempre uma boa escolha.

Police: Mexican woman in wheelchair flees on foot

Mon Jan 5, 9:03 pm ETMONTERREY, Mexico – Police say a woman who begged from a wheelchair was caught running from a crime scene on foot in Monterrey, Mexico. Police spokeswoman Sidlayin Robles says 30-year-old Ana Victoria Perez fled on foot after she and her husband allegedly threw a stone through the front window of a furniture store.

Perez was a regular fixture along a main Monterrey road, asking for change from motorists as she sat in a wheelchair pushed by her husband.

Robles said Monday that the couple apparently planned to rob the furniture store but were scared off by a security guard. They have been charged with vandalism.

Police arrested the couple when they returned for the wheelchair.

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